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Mummification Glossary

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deify - This means to turn someone into a very special being.

To make a god of, to worship, glorify.

demotic - This was a way of writing that people started using around 70 years before Jesus was born.

Script used on business documents (and whatever) from about 70 b.c. onwards. By Breco-Roman period it had become the ordinary writing of everyday life. Word derives from Greek demoticos meaning popular.

djed - This was used to show courage and confidence. In pictures, it looked like bundles of wheat stalks.

The backbone of Osiris, courage and confidence, "the calm of strong nerves." Also depicted as bundled wheat stalks.

dual voice - This was a saying used by the Egyptians when they talked about two single things that worked together to make one. Like, your two eyes or the two sides of a river.

An Egyptian grammatical structure expressing their perception of the duality of reality, used for "Those Two", a natur representing the secret unified nature of Horus and Sutek. The dual voice is used for the two river banks, the two eyes, etc., two which are single and yet incomplete without the other.

duat - This is a name for the land of the dead. It is under the earth and you get to it by traveling towards the west.

The land of the dead. It lies under the earth and is entered through the western horizon.