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Mummification Glossary

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ib - The place of the heart.

The force which informs life, territory of the heart, the soul's energy expressed as the life force.

ieb - This is the spiritual heart which was the center of life. The heart was the only part of the insides that was not taken out of the body during mummification. When a person dies, their spiritual heart was put on a balance with a feather to see if their heart or the feather was lighter. If your heart was lighter, you could go to the afterlife and meet a real cool guy called Osiris.

This is the heart. The Egyptians believed the heart was the center of all consciousness, even the center of life itself. When someone died it was said that their "heart had departed". It was the only organ that was not removed from the body during mummification. In the Book of the Dead, it was the heart that was weighed against the feather of Maat to see if an individual was worthy of joining Osiris in the afterlife.

ideogram - This is a picture or symbol that is used for something. It is used instead of using words.

A symbol or picture representing an idea or concept rather than a word.