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Mummification Glossary

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sanctuary - A very special place in a temple, church or mosque.

The holiest part of a sacred place, as the part of the temple, church or mosque.

sarcophagus - This is a holder made of stone where coffins and mummies were put into.

From the Greek word meaning "flesh eater." It was the name given to the stone container within which the coffins and mummy were placed.

sahu - This is your ghost body.

The phantom body, psychic identity of self boundaries.

scarab - This is a black beetle. It was a symbol of new life and re-birth. The Egyptians made jewelry that looked like the beetle. They thought it was magic.

The dung-rolling beetle was, to the ancient Egyptians, a symbol of regeneration and spontaneous creation, as it seemed to emerge from nowhere; in fact it came from eggs previously laid in the sand. Seals and amulets in scarab form were very common and were thought to possess magic powers.

sekhem - This is the energy that makes you unique and special. It has a sound that some people can hear inside.

The spirit, divine energy of the soul. The sekhem energy is unique to each soul and is thus the foundation of unique identity.

Shu - This means this very moment. Right now.

Every breath you take in the passing moment now. The present moment, and the movement of light.

shuit - This is your shadow. If you see your shadow, you know you are still alive.

The living shadow, proof of reality.

soul - This is who you are without your body. The Egyptians divided the soul into parts like the Ba, Ab, Sekhem, Khu, and Akh.

spontaneous - When something happens all of a sudden or by itself.

Happening or arising without apparent external cause; self-generated.

sut - This has to do with how your body affects your mind. The nerves in your body control how you notice and feel your body.

The divine force of habits, the ability of the central nervous system to control the animate awareness of flesh.