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Springies: On Off Change


The Magic Game of BandoogleTM

But players have to face a fierce opponent: Ari the Lion. The only way to beat Ari was by understanding nature and knowing special principles. For during the game, Winky asks you questions.

What few kids understood about the game was the end, when Winky pulled out a balance. Along with the balance, Winky pulls out a feather and a stone heart which he places on opposite arms. Sometimes the arm that held the stone heart would fall fast, as it should. But other times, the stone would weigh light as a feather and the stone heart would seem to float. This is what made placing bets worth while, this and no one ever knew if the player would even finish the game. Not only was Ari the Lion a fierce opponent, he was a very hungry opponent and was known to eat players if he wins the game!

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