The Child's Questioning

Child: ‘What happens to the caterpillar, as he sleeps in his cocoon?
Does he go away? Does he disappear? Does he hide inside his room?

What happens to the flowers in the winter beneath the snow?
Do they die out? Do they fade away, or live in the world below?

What happens when the sun goes down, and the moon itself gives rise?
Does the sun die then? Does the earth know night? Do the two just compromise?

And what happens to me as my body dies, when my own time has come?
Will I be gone? Will I still be me? Will all my work be done?’

Teacher: These are good questions you ask of me, although I’ll tell you dear,
The answers I give are mine alone and you should find yours while here.

But the caterpillar still lives on, and flowers bloom again in spring.
The sun shines on though we cannot see and our Souls with the Universe sing.

It’s a cycle that we all go through as we move on our journey throughout time.
There is no beginning, there is no end, it is simply our voyage Divine.

The spark of Life is eternal! It never ends, no matter what our bodies go through
Mummification is here to help us along, as our souls stand up, dance and move.

Just as the butterfly comes from the cocoon, and the flower springs from dead earth,
Our souls sing and dance, as we move on and choose another birth.