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Animal Mummies

See who is in the Mummiform!
Put your mouse on the picture to see who is inside.

Butch - Mummified 1987

Butch is a Doberman Picscher. The peacocks in the yard are his friends. He loves to play with them.

Vincent - Mummified 1998

Vincent spends a lot of time in a pyramid in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mummified Birds

These birds are in a step called fiberglass casting. The small birds are finches. Finches are little and cute.

Maggie - Mummified 1996

Maggie loves hanging out with her best friend Sue. She used to sit under the piano bench when Sue gave lessons, now she stands and listens.

Yellow Bird and Friends

The little mummy is a Lutino Parakeet named Yellow Bird. He loved to swing upside down by one leg from his perch. His friends are a McCaw and a Peafowl. They are at the last steps of mummification, where resin is put onto the fiberglass. Now they are ready for their mummiform!

Oscar - Mummified 1985

Oscar was the first Summum Animal Mummy. You can see an xray taken 10 years after he was mummified. Click Here