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Modern Mummificationsm

The Process

Mummification is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. It is a very loving way to take care of a person when they die. When you die, your soul goes on a trip to a new life. Mummification is a way to help your soul take the trip. That way, you can have the most fun on your trip and you reach an exciting new life.

The Mummiform®

The Mummiform is a special container. After you are mummified, your body is sealed inside the mummiform to protect it. The mummiform is like a coffin or casket, but it is stronger and it looks really neat. The mummiform is part of your body's new home.

Animal Mummies

Sometimes people's pets and animals are their best friends. They love them very much. Some people want to take very special care of their pets, even after they die. They have their pets mummified so their pets can be with them when they die later on.

The Mausoleum Sanctuary

The Mausoleum Sanctuary is a very sacred place. This is where the Mummiform goes after you have been mummified. It is a place where Forever lives. Forever watches over and takes care of you.