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The Mummiform


Does this look like the mummiforms found in ancient Egypt?

It's not! This Summum mummiform is called the "Egyptian". It is a modern mummiform. Down the front of the mummiform are pictures of a phoenix, Ra, a scarab, and Maat. There is an ankh and tetube in its hands. The headdress is decorated with 24K gold. And there are over two thousand sculpted feathers on its back.

Do you like a more modern look? Check it out!

Some people like to have their mummiforms designed by an artist. Some like to decorate them with metals, jewels and other things they think are special.

There are even mummiforms as unique as your face! A "life mask" is made by making a mask of your face. The mask is put on to the mummiform. Then people can look just like your mummy!

Life Masks
A Head for Decorating

Sue Menu is a piano teacher who is going to be mummified. She wants her mummiform to have her face. This face is called a "Life Mask". This is the process to make one.

To see a picture bigger, click it!

This is Sue.

The working surface.

Tubes are used to keep nostrils clear while the mould is poured.

More mummy wraps? These are used to make the mould stronger.

One last layer!

Taking the mould off.

The mould is ready. Can you tell which side of the mask you see?

Now Sue's mummiform has a face. But which is Sue?