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Mummification Around the World

Many people think that mummies only come from Egypt. But did you know that mummies have been found all over the world? Besides Egypt, mummies have been found in places like Asia, Europe, and North and South America. To see where in the world mummies have been found so far, click the spinning globe.

Types of Mummification

There are two types of mummification: Spontaneous and Anthropogenic.

Spontaneous Mummification

Spontaneous Mummification happens when a mummy is created by natural causes, without people helping in any way. An example of spontaneous mummification is the Tollund Man who was buried in a bog in Europe. The natural acid of the bog along with other natural elements caused the body to become mummified.

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Tollund Man
Image courtesy and copyright
Silkeborg Museum, Denmark

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Egyptian Mummy *
Anthropogenic Mummification

Anthropogenic Mummification happens when a mummy is created on purpose by people. Examples of anthropogenic mummification are the mummies from ancient Egypt and the high Llamas (priests) of Tibet that are mummified.

* Image courtesy and copyright & found at Egyptian Picture Gallery: