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The Process

When a person or animal is mummified, many important things happen to take care of their body.


- When we mummify a person, the body first goes to a funeral home to have a funeral. If it is an animal, the body goes to Summum.

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- After the funeral, the body comes to Summum in Salt Lake City, Utah. Then we start the special ceremonies of Mummification and Transference.

- The body is given a bath.

- The internal organs are removed from the body. They are cleaned and put back into the body. The body is left open so the organs will receive more treatment.

- The body is put in a special bath called a baptismal font. It is filled with a special liquid that preserves the body. It looks like water, but it's really not. The liquid covers the entire body. The body stays in the tank real long so that the liquid soaks into the body. See it.


- The body is removed from the tank. Then it is cleaned again and covered with a lotion.

- Cotton gauze is wrapped around the body. See it.

- A type of liquid plastic is painted over the gauze so that it forms a permanent seal. Then we cover it with a layer of fiberglass and resin. See it.

- The mummy is taken inside the Summum Pyramid to continue with the rites of Transference.


- The body is put inside a bronze or stainless steel mummiform.

- The mummiform is filled with amber resin so that the resin completely surrounds and protects the mummy.

- The openings in the mummiform are welded closed. See it.

- The mummiform is enshrined within a mummy sanctuary or buried in a cemetery.

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