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Mummy Bear History


A long time ago 0 Today
26486 26393 26260 10500 9001 2560 1922 2003 2004

Who is Mummy Bear and where did he come from?

Starting from the left, click each year on the timeline to read about Mummy Bear.

How to understand the Timeline...
Today we are in the year 2024 CE. If we count backwards, we reach the year 0. Between the year 0 and today is a time of history called the Common Era or CE. The year 0 is the start of the Common Era. If we keep going backwards past the year 0, we get into a time of history called Before Common Era or BCE. For example, 2560 BCE means 2,560 years before the beginning of the Common Era. This is a time when ancient Egyptians lived. And long before the ancient Egyptians, there was the fabled continent of Atlantis.
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